As an American woman in the corporate world, dressing nice and presentable is a must. Being a Muslim, that can pose quite the challenge… or does it? I am here to tell you that while a low cut, body con, business dress might not be the best option, there are a multitude of clothing styles that will keep you looking professional and halal at the same time.

Some women look at this change as if they are losing a part of themselves, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. I do admit, I once thought the same way, until I really started thinking about it. Dressing modestly is the classiest, sexiest, most beautiful fashion move you can possibly make. Did you read that right? yes, I really said sexy. I have spoken to many women who think that their femininity lies within their ability to dress “sexy”. Well I can’t think of anything sexier than wearing a sensible modest outfit all day and coming home to your husband to slip into something much smaller.

You should dress for yourself, your husband, and your relationship with Allah. Wear something that makes you proud of yourself, but also something that will not allow everyone else to see every part of you, just as Allah intended. I know I am rambling on, but I just want to stress that I have always been passionate about expressing myself through fashion and dressing modestly has only made this easier.

I do work in an office, so most of the outfits I gravitate towards are geared for a professional setting; however, I will also be sharing with you my leisure and athletic options as well.

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