Las Vegas Massacre

The Last Vegas Massacre has been the main topic of Breaking News lately as law enforcement is trying desperately to find a motive. The country is buzzing with theories and conspiracies as we all try to cope with what happened just a few days ago. Here is a breakdown of what we already know about the crime itself, as well as the perpetrator.

  • Stephen Paddock was a retired accountant, avid gambler, and successful real estate investor with no known ties to ISIS or any other terrorist organization. Unlike his father, he has no known criminal record
  • Paddock tried to buy tracer ammunition at a gun show in the Phoenix area in recent weeks- bullets with a pyrotechnic charge that, when the round is fired, leaves an illuminated trace of its path
  • Paddock did not use tracer bullets when he fired into the festival crowd hundreds of yards away.
  • According to CNN, a handwritten note was found in Paddock’s hotel room that contained calculations for targeting the crowd of concert goers below his room
  • Authorities have determined that Paddock seemingly committed the act alone from his room, but are debating on whether anyone else knew of the crime beforehand
  • 50 pounds of explosives and 1,600 rounds of ammunition were found in the killer’s car, and police have yet to determine what Paddock’s plans were for these weapons
  • Paddock brought the 23 guns and ammunition he had in his hotel suite over the course of several days
  • Paddock’s girlfriend, Marilou Danley, continues to cooperate with investigators, but her lawyers stated that she will not be making anymore public statements any time soon

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