My Father Disowned Me

I have put off writing this story for quite some time, and I can’t really pinpoint why. I feel like there is so much to be said, and it just becomes too overwhelming to begin, and the other part of me just wants to avoid reliving old emotions. I think it is time to get my story... Continue Reading →

Algeria: A New Found Peace

When my husband and I stepped off the plane in Algiers, I was smacked in the face with a complete culture shock. You know how when Americans travel, they expect, and usually find that most people speak English? Well this was definitely not the case here. My 2 years of French classes in University were normally enough to get me through basic interactions, but my shyness... Continue Reading →

Love, Inshallah

Everyone seems to have an opinion about Muslim women, even (especially!) those who have never met one. Co-editors Ayesha Mattu and Nura Maznavi thought it was about time we heard directly from Muslim women themselves.

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